11. October (Thu)

Time Program & Detail
13:00~ Registration & Exhibition
14:00∼14:10 Preview on the Wars in Incheon
14:10∼14:30 Book Concert
14:30~15:30 Opening Ceremony
- Welcoming Speech: Mayor of the Incheon Metropolitan City
- Congratulatory Speech: TBC
15:30∼17:30 Session 1 - The Mongolian invasion of Goryeo, The Japanese invasion of Korea and Incheon
∙ LEE Hyoung-Woo, Professor, Department of History Eduction, Incheon National University
∙ Hitoshi NAKANO, Professor, Kyushu University
∙ YOON Yong-Hyuk, Honorary Professor, Department of History Education, Kongju National University
∙ KANG Ok Youb, Professional Committee Director, Cultural Heritage Department Incheon Metropolitan City Hall, Historical Data office Incheon Metropolitan City
∙ MOON Yong Sik, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Culture Contents, Jeonju University

12. October (Fri)

Time Program & Detail
09:00∼ Registration & Exhibition
10:00~12:00 Session 2 - Horan, Yangyo and Incheon
LHIM Hak Seong, Professor, Department of History, Inha University
∙ Chris PEERS, Writer
∙ WOO Kyungsup, Professor, Department of History, Inha University
∙ Kirk LARSEN, Associate Professor, Department of History, Bringham Young University
∙ Zhen WANG, Professor, College of History and Culture, TianJin Normal University
∙ NAM Dal Woo, Visiting Professor, Department of History, Inha University
12:00∼13:30 Lunch
14:00~16:00 Session 3 - Russo-Japanese War (1904) and Incheon
KIM Sang-yeol, Manager, Department of Exhibition & Education Incheon Metropolitan City Museum
∙ Dmitry PAVLOV, Deputy-director, Head of the Сenter of Russian International Relations, Institute for Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences
∙ Noboru MIYAWAKI, Professor, Ritsumeikan University
∙ Yongzhi LI, Professor, Department of History, Yanbian University
∙ KANG Duk Woo, Director, Incheon Openport Research Institute
16:00∼16:30 Coffee Break
16:30∼17:30 General Discussion

* schedules are subject to change.
* Lunch coupons for the Day 2 participants will be provided.