I am Nam-Chun Park, Mayor of the Incheon Metropolitan City.


It is a great pleasure to host the ‘Forum on Wars in Incheon and World Peace’ in the city of Incheon, which is a rising as the ‘center of economic cooperation for the Yellow Sea region at this time of peace and prosperity.


This forum was planned as a part of our ongoing effort for making Incheon a peace center as Incheon’s role as the hub of peace and cooperation in the Yellow sea region has been reinforced since the inter-Korean Summit of 4.27.


As we can see from the theme of this forum, ‘Beyond War History, Ushering in a New Peace Era’, this forum will delve into the wars that broke out in Incheon during the past 800 years; including the Mongolian Invasion, the Japanese Invasion, Jeongmyohoran, Byeongjahoran, Byeonginyangyo, Shinmiyangyo, the Sino-Japanese War, the Russo-Japanese War and the Korean War. We will be able to reaffirm the geopolitical importance of Incheon and select the best projects for Incheon based on the discussions from this forum.


I sincerely hope that the value and the potential of ‘Incheon as the City of Peace’ could be highlighted at this forum. In addition, I look forward to identifying ways for Incheon to play a leading role in the exchange and economic cooperation between the two Koreas . Lastly, I would like to thank all of the staff who have not spared any effort in making this forum a success.